Wednesday, February 25, 2015

B2B; Friend to friend

Reid has hired Joel Anderson to design Coloring Pages for each of the songs on his Purple Party CD. Free downloadable pages for kids and adults who like to color will illustrate the song lyrics that Reid and Angela have written for their first full-length recording.

How else could we find a picture of Elmo eating cranberries in a firetruck for the Red Song by Reid?  Or a magician with an Orange Piano and a door that automatically closes? Let alone a people at a Purple Party in polka dot shoes with penguins passing out presents.  Somehow I think Joel can handle these better than any other illustrator.

Joel and his mom Sandi are mentors to Reid and me on many levels. In terms of entrepreneurial skills, parenting, self-advocacy, prayer, micro-enterprise, you name it, they have gone before and paved a way. They are unrivaled in their ability to create, market, and distribute products and services that amplify Joel's unique voice in the world and help others.

Joel gave Reid this caricature as a graduation gift. Don't you love it? These are just a sideline to his animation, book illustration, and painting. He is a renaissance man.

Think global. Buy local. Buy neuro-diversity.


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