Thursday, August 6, 2009

How Do You Do It (with a smile)? Entry 1

House guests and guest posts go together like ice and coffee this time of year.

My 25 year old niece has been here in San Diego visiting, job hunting, and sleeping on our sofa. She is the most tolerant, patient, and enthusiastic house guest I've ever known with a foodie's appetite for fun! I can't decide who enjoys her more, Allie or me! She is part big sister, part little sister, part best friend, part cousin, and totally game. We are having so much fun, I forgot to blog.

As I confessed to Allie this afternoon, we really must get back into our routine. She blasted back, "what routine!" Between China, Nantucket, Reid's extended school year, and Kat's visit, we can't even recall what "normal" was around here. So, while I try to recreate that, you can read the fabulous Essay contributions I received from readers in answer to the question, "How Do You Do It (with a smile)?

The first was submitted by Casdok, who is a single parent of a 20 year old young man with autism. She keeps two blogs: Mother of Shrek and Faces of Autism to which you can submit your own photos. The result is a lovely and inspiring archive of diversity showcasing talent and beauty.

So how do I do it with a smile?

By loving enough.