Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Antiquated Words to Baffle Your Children

10. pedal pushers

Preferring not to get her cuffs wet or greasy, mom's pedal pushers were perfect for beach combing as well as bike riding.

9. peckish

Pass me a cracker, I am feeling quite peckish having skipped lunch today.

8. shades

Those new shades are just the right shape for your face.

7. frock

I love that new frock on you!

6. get up

That get up is not as flattering as the frock you wore yesterday.

5. succotash

I think I'll whip up some succotash with this summer squash from the farmer's market.

4. co-ed

Here comes a nicely dressed co-ed who might point us to some hot spots on campus.

3. grocery

When the fridge is bare, we must head to the grocery.

2. rap

Wanna rap with me until dinner's ready?

1. cruise the strip

After church shall we cruise the strip or check the surf?

I find a weird sort of pleasure sprinkling these dated expressions into my daily jargon, especially around Allie and her friends, who react with mortified expressions of utter dismay. They look cross-eyed, first at each other then back at me. What is she saying? Where is she from? Is she always like this?

Their reactions amuse and encourage my inner prankster. It's the same sort of glee I get from Anne Taintor's stationery. And since it's summer and we homeschool no more, it's as close as we get to educational lately. History and language all rolled into one. If my sample sentences don't offer enough contextual meaning, feel free to cross reference on Wordnik or A Way with Words.

Am I the only mom who is simultaneously hip and out of it? I think not. Will the rest of you chime in with an antiquated word in comment box. I am running out of material.


  1. Hi Andrea...this is random and has nothing to do with your perfectly nice post but I wanted to thank you and I had no other way to contact you.

    I wanted to sincerely thank you for your piece in leading my heart to my Savior. I was touched by your son's declaration of faith and posted it on my blog. I felt a spark in my heart that testified of truth. I wanted to know more, and have spent the last two years searching for truth. Later you commented on my blog, you used words like prayer circle, and spiritual warfare. These words were foreign, I had no idea what they meant but I felt that spark again and wanted to know more. I recently read a book by John Eldredge and attended a retreat that talked about the book. I have never felt more peace in my life. God put experiences in my life that would lead me to finding him. You were one of those pieces, and I wanted to tell you thank you.

  2. wow, praise the Lord!!! i'm so blessed/encouraged by dynomitegirl's comment!

    just wanted to say my mom always says "i'm feelin' a bit peckish around the mouth" when she's hungry. and sometimes if i ask my dad 'how are you?', he'll reply "i'm fair to middling." (total southern phrase, i think)