Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do it Fast--Like Tomorrow!

What a way to talk!  I hope you don't talk like that to our kids or your spouse or anyone--let alone to God.  Let me explain.  

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 23rd is World Day for Prayer and Fasting for Autism Spectrum Disorders as conceived by Paulette Britton.  Enjoy her website as it explains how her friends and family inspired the idea and how Children of Destiny has joined forces to promote the day.
She also has some cute pictures of kids!

I don't fast very often or for very many but you can bet it is something I'd do for my kids!  and for Jesus!  As He demonstrated in his life, there are certain things which only fasting can accomplish.  The mystery remains as we do not know exactly which things those are...but I do know they'll be good things, based on God's character and His love.

Rebecca and Jack Systema at Children of Destiny sent a letter to their daily prayer subscribers today answering the question "Why Fast?"  It is delicious "food for thought" if you are considering joining us tomorrow.

Fasting removes spiritual clutter and puts us in a better position to receive from God. By fasting, we make it possible for the Lord to reveal Himself to us in a greater way,  because we can hear Him more clearly.

Why is that? Because fasting is a sacrifice of submission and worship unto Him. It is because we have given up something temporal in order to pursue something eternal. To the degree we allow ourselves to hunger after God is the degree to which we will be satisfied by Him.

The fruit of our fasting is God's to decide. Isaiah 58, the great chapter on fasting, lists the benefits including deliverance, giving, guidance, healing, increased protection, spiritual cleansing, answers from God, increased fruitfulness, and restoration of spiritual things that have been lost. 

Remember you can fast from sugar, coffee, television, or food. 
More tomorrow...

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