Friday, November 27, 2009

Introducing....Do Tell!

Sharing our stories can be a healing balm.

Jesus taught in stories. He also listened to people's stories even though he knew how they ended.

C.S. Lewis wrote, "We read to know we're not alone," which reminds me of my impetus to start this blog. I need to tell my story and I need to hear yours.

So, every Friday I am going to post a question that I reckon each of my readers can answer with at least one story. Be practical, be personal, be painful, be my guest by clicking "comments" and leaving a reply. I hope you'll begin to think, TGIF, I can tell someone!

I spoke on a panel last week for Ability Awareness Week at a local elementary school. It was awe inspiring to hear the other panelists and encourage the eager little faces to be tolerant friends to those with differences.

Another panelist was a school principal with ADHD who told her story of talking in class as a youngster, being docked points and eventually denied cupcakes on her own birthday. A mean, uninformed teacher had inadvertently fueled her life's ambition as well as given her ammunition to inspire students and teachers alike some 30 years later with a parable they'll never forget.

As the kids cleared out, those of us who didn't have a class to get to burst spontaneously into storytelling from our own childhoods and those of our kids. Almost refusing to clear the multi-purpose room, we were inspired, uplifted, encouraged and bonded by the resonance of our experiences, realities, failures, and solutions. We need this! And as I like to tease, "I don't get out much!" So, sit back, stay home, anytime of the day or night, and tell me this:

What autistic tendency are you most thankful for?


  1. And I'll start you off with mine: I am thankful for Reid's uninhibited joy. He dances like there's no tomorrow. Our family doctor/osteopath just prescribed more movement for some of us to benefit our lymphatic systems. She demonstrated how simple this could be with her version of Thriller. So, as it ends up if we'd just join Reid and not worry about what anyone thinks, we'd be healthier! Overheard at a recent Kingsmen rehearsal: "Reid, please don't karate chop me." And my favorite line from his recent dramatic role, "Movement is my specialty." His unbridled freedom is inspiring especially in worship.

  2. I love that about Reid as well - so evident in the videos I've seen of him dancing and singing.

    I guess today I would say I'm thankful for her lack of pretense, her belief that she will be loved and cared for and can make herself at home anywhere - someone's lap, a baby's carseat, a neighbor's hammock (or trash can ;))

  3. Great idea! I kwym, that's the same reason I started my blog :).

    I am grateful for the way my kids feel free to just be themselves and don't really care what anyone else thinks. I also love the way they see the world, the way their minds think, often coming up with ideas that never would have occurred to me (or most people I would guess).

  4. Colin's lack of imagination can be frustrating, BUT the flip side of that is he doesn't lie. He's just as honest, sincere and genuine as can be.

  5. I love this TGIF idea! My favourite - deep pressure touch as a preference - it makes for the best hugs!!!