Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for Friends who Really Pray

This arrived from a friend and it makes me so thankful to be covered. I am grateful for this friend who puts her email where her mouth is and sends words to me that bless, that are a salve, and that release God's power.

I pray it aloud for my readers who face similar challenges. Like me, you may be weary of the journey. Like our kids, you may struggle to express your "wants and needs."

Lord, I at this moment I ask that you bring shalom - comprehensive
wellbeing, love, peace, calm, integrity - to flood my reader and her world.

I ask that you bring shalom to every cell of their child's body, to each membrane
where cell touches cell and to everywhere that chemicals and
neuroelectrical charges flow.

I ask that you bring shalom to every member of their extended families,
to each place where life touches life, and to everywhere that voice and
feelings flow.

I ask that you bring shalom to every room of their home, to each wall
and hall and doorway where space touches space and to everywhere that
energy, events, and family flow.

I ask that you bring shalom to every day in the coming week, to everywhere
that hour touches hour, day touches day and everywhere that time and
planning and intention flow.

I know that you hear me. I know that you love them. I
claim even now, at this moment, you are sending your shalom, your deep
comprehensive peace within, before, behind, between - cells, people,
rooms, hours, events, and days.

Thank you for being able. Thank you for being willing. Thank you for
being. Amen.

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