Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Ways to Engage Reid over Break

1. Take a bike ride

2. Go for an ice cream treat

3. Have talk time

4. Play flashlight tag

5. Play charades

6. Decorate the Christmas Tree

7. Do a Trampoline Show

8. Cook together - cookies, pancakes, roasted potatoes; let Reid choose

9. Play a board game

10. Watch his favorite program together then your favorite program together

I'll confess to not writing this myself. My mom did, anticipating her arrival in our home for Christmas. It means the world to me--and can lift me out of the deepest despair--that she puts her love for Reid into action. She values his role in family enough to invest the extra time, patience, and effort it takes to engage him in something other than tv viewing--the ultimate holiday cop out.

I can totally identify with the dread that came through in several comments to "Do Tell" a couple weeks ago. There is nothing restful about having to recreate the structure of his school day. If we slack off, we pay.

My mom also loves me and shows it with acts of service that relieve the burden of feeling like I have the kid "only a mother can love" at times. Especially times of increased expectations for hostessing and cooking and relaxing--all of which I enjoy--but have to measure against the pang in my gut that comes from neglecting my child's extensive needs and "program." Have you ever felt like a one-armed paper hanger...who's out of glue? I'm not saying it's impossible. I'm just saying he'll need help!

And because she's also an achiever, these came in a subsequent email:

11. Plan a Talent Show in which EVERYONE must participate.
12. Is the Country Club swim pool open? Hmmm.

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