Thursday, June 6, 2013

Believing what you Hear

I've always had a certain fondness for SAP. They moved us back to California with a generous relocation package, back in the day, when that was the norm. They recognized greatness in Jim.  

They continue to set trends by employing hundreds of people with autism as software testers and programmers. This article explains it further.

  • “Many people say that if a company like SAP said it makes sense ... it's very good for us,” said (Auticon's) chief Dirk Mueller-Remus. “That means it's something serious, solid."

  • 'Its goal is that by 2020, people with autism will make up 1 percent of its worldwide workforce of 65,000."  

Apparently when SAP acts, other people take notice.  Their goal which I believe they will accomplish,  will make a dent in employing the growing and maturing population of 1 in 54 boys on the spectrum who have serious skills and will need jobs. Thank you SAP and Auticon for stepping out in front.

A credible reference, a testimonial, a vote of confidence.  It makes all the difference to one's success.  For example:  getting an agent convinces me I can write a book.  That first donation for a mission trip makes possible to raise the rest of the funds. It is so empowering to have someone believe in you and say so. Words of affirmation have power over our behavior.

That's why this list of true statements God makes about you could be life changing. Read them outloud and see what I mean.  Read them over your kids at bedtime and see what I mean. Hearing--and believing--what God thinks of you makes all the difference to your success.

You are a spirit beingalive to God. I Thessalonians 5:23

You are a believer, and the light of the Gospel shines in my mind. II Corinthians 4:4

You are a doer of the Word and blessed in your actions. James 1:22

 Then the Lord said....I am watching over My word to perform it.”  Jeremiah 1:12


  1. Love this! thank you! :) so inspiring!

  2. Hi Andrea,
    thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment :). I have a close friend whose son is autistic. They are beautifully complex children that need understanding and support from those around them. blessings to you, Annette