Friday, June 21, 2013


Five Minute Friday: want to play?


I love the snapping.  I love the dynamics. I love the hum. I love the rhythm. He keeps time, sets the tempo, grabs the crowd.  But woe to those who snap along past the first introduction.  Rules are rules.

He told me in the car on the way...Frank will play two introductions but I only snap on the first introduction.

What I notice is how the rocking, twisting, and alternate "standing like a tree" are his effective way of keeping the rhythm.  Like a jazz player tapping his foot to keep the beat, he's just got the whole body keeping time as a foundation for the lyrics. It's the physicality that makes Dick Van Dyke funny. We just need to add choreography.

Watching this video of Reid's recital performance last night gives me as much joy a watching Gene Kelly in "An American in Paris" singing the "Igot...." song with those French youngsters and their aeroplane arms in charade imitation acting out his language lesson.  I got rhythm. They got rhythm. Reid got rhythm. Who could ask for anything more...???

See for yourself:


  1. Marvelous! Absolutely marvelous! Your pride is so very tangible.

    1. thanks Robin. great to meet you this Friday!

  2. Love it - he's obviously very passionate!