Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Favorite Movie All Time?

Reid has an effective conversation starter.  Whether in the hot tub at our neighborhood pool, on the church patio, or a line at the bank, it works like a charm to engage friends, strangers and countrymen.

"What is your favorite movie of all time?" he inquires with characteristic enthusiasm.

Some struggle with the superlative, but everyone seems able to spout off at least a multiple choice of three or so.  Then there is common ground.  Reid walks away with something new to search for at the thrift store, his horizons stretched.  His conversational counterpart pleased by the meaningful exchange.

Embracing the movie obsession as I write my book, The Poppins Revelation, I've compiled a Top 10 Movies of All Time list for each member of our family.  It can be telling.  What are yours?  Can you accurately name those of your spouse?  Of your kids?  Endless dinner conversation ensues...(and fodder for future Friday movie nights)


1.  Lost in America, Albert Brooks
2.  Julie & Julia, Amy Adams
3.  Kate & Leopold
4.  Hans Christian Anderson, Danny Kaye
5.  Singin' in the Rain, Gene Kelly
6.  The Soloist
7.  You've Got Mail
8.  The Nativity
9.  Down with Love
10. Mary Poppins


1.  Brazil
2.  The Seedling
3.  Sprout
4.  Bourne
5.  Ip Man 2
6.  Ran
7.  Annie Hall
8.  2001 Space Odyssey
9.  Adam's Rib
10. Endless Summer


1.  Mary Poppins
2.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
3.  Swiss Family Robinson
4.  Singin' in the Rain
5.  Melody Time
6.  Peter Pan
7.  Old Yeller
8.  Mulan
9.  American in Paris
10. The Jungle Book


1. National Velvet
2. Count of Monte Cristo
3. Swiss Family Robinson
4. Bourne Supremacy
5. Shawshank Redemption
6. The Notebook
7. Gladiator
8. A Walk to Remember
9. Sleepless in Seattle
10. Inception

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  1. I can't believe Jim didn't say Singin' in the Rain--because Gene was a Smilin' Baby!