Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Drawing Strength from Testimony

Each of these 30 minute vignettes produced by Joni and Friends Television will put your life into a new perspective. I particularly love the one titled, As for Me and My House, about Brian Doerksen's family. He is the singer songwriter who wrote several of my now-even-more-favorite praise songs. (Click on "Episodes" then scroll down.)

He and his wife have 6 children including 2 boys with Fragile X, which presents much like autism. Take time to be inspired by their testimony and glimpse into their tender family life. I particularly love the father-son shaving scene, perhaps because Jim and Reid are beginning to talk strategy on that rite of passage.

It is way belated to make this a Father's Day post, but it does remind me (as did similar scenes from Praying with Lior) of the unique resonance Doerksen's Faithful Father song has in describing God our Father. Coming from this humble man who is "forever faithful" to his boys, it is powerful to think of a God who is superhuman-ly able. What power and truth are in the words he sings..."for who you are, for all you do...from the moment my life began...you have been, you will be, certain as the rivers reach the sea, surer than the stars..."

And this clip of their son placing the final brick in Nehemiah's wall is a sermon in itself...

Yes! Thank you to the Doerksen's for sharing honestly all of who they are...modeling full inclusion...and proclaiming the truths of God through their questions rather than answers.