Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm no Bill Gates!

Melinda and Bill Gates just published a list of five impactful charities for holiday giving.  It's a great list. I admire their pledge to give away the majority of their wealth in their lifetime. Afterall, 1 Tim. 6:7 is pretty clear, "we have brought nothing into the world, and so we cannot take anything out of it."

My list is shorter than theirs. Nonetheless, I'm inspired to share what 2 fabulous nonprofits are doing. I am intimately involved in the leadership of both. They fill a void in San Diego county where 18% of the population live with disability.

Will you consider a gift to Banding Together or Capernaum this season?  If you do, I will match whatever you give. Drrrum rrrrollll please......

Banding Together has a mission to create music therapy experiences for youth with special needs.  Click "Donate" to give.

This fall Banding Together launched a series of 6 Jam Sessions funded by a pilot study grant. We pair typical peer mentors with 15 teens with special needs.  Together they jam the night away with a local musician. The guest artists have found it "incredibly uplifting" reporting that "differences were erased and we were simply a group of musicians immersed in song."  Take a peek at the joy generated by this potent combination of music and friendship.  Your gift would allow us to sustain these Jam Sessions and add a second location.  $333 covers one Jam Session.

Young Life Capernaum has a mission to introduce every adolescent to Christ. Click "Give" for online giving.

After two years in San Diego, Capernaum boasts bi-weekly Clubs in two locations where teens with special needs experience relationship and fun.  One mom said, "this is the only social event we've tried that my son wants to come back to."  Two new part-time staff assist our Area Director training and discipling more than 20 volunteer leaders as they serve teens. Your gift would help fund these new staff members.  Or $555 sends someone to summer camp! Often it's their first overnight experience and each camper gets a one-on-one leader.