Monday, April 28, 2008

God's "To Do" list

The gospel I thought I knew pretty well has been turned on its head (in a good way) this spring. I am going through a Beth Moore bible study with a new group of friends.  Living Beyond Yourself explores the fruit of the Holy Spirit in great depth and application.  Beth's teaching is so fresh and so profound that I find myself applying it to everything including this  SimpleTruths Service Movie.  Click it and be amazed at the powerful example of one man. Click it and be amazed at the false assumptions we make about ability.  Click it and imagine your own child's impact on the world.  Just click it!

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
  Ephesians 2:9-11

God has designed good works for ALL of us to do.  ALL of us!

The word "good" has lost its meaning.  We teach our kids not to use it in writing; it is as meaningless and nondescript as "nice."  In reality, in Greek word, agathosune implies energized action and benevolence. Goodness is a product of the Holy Spirit fueling us to take action with good deeds--not that we are saved by them but we are saved in order "to do" them. Isn't it motivating to think that every circumstance, every tear, every struggle, every single victory, every friendship, and every conversation we experience in life has been ordained by a sovereign God to equip and prepare us for a Grand Master Plan of good works that He has already picked out and designed specifically for you to do?  Nothing is wasted.

What's more, is to think that the same loving, miracle-working God has done that for my son. Yes, my son who has the behavioral challenges, the language delays, the sensory issues, my son who has autism.  Just sit back and imagine that for a minute.

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