Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Most Exciting Places I've Lost
(and thankfully found) Reid

10. Target

9. Solana Beach Presbyterian Church

8. San Dieguito County Park (125 acres)

7. Balboa Park, San Diego (1,400 acres)

6. Park City Mountain Resort

5. Town & Country Hotel and Convention Center (250,000 square feet)

4. The Tate, London

3. Walt Disney World

2. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

1. Fourth of July Water Fight, Nantucket

What can I say? He's fast, he's quiet, he's curious, and he has an amazing sense of direction. So, when I say "lost," he is not. He knows exactly where he is and has a mission. He's just failed to communicate it to anyone. I feel like the Man with the Yellow Hat playing a 3-dimensional game of Where's Waldo?

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