Friday, December 4, 2009

Do Tell!

It's me again, wanting to know your innermost thoughts.

The holidays are upon us with all they entail. I thought it was genius to get our tree up while the in-laws were still here to help. Not sure they agreed but, it did set the stage for an evening of fireside charades and flute serenades. Everyone was supposed to put on 10 ornaments before they left the room. Let's just say, compliance was an issue.

Nonetheless, a record was set; we were decorated to the hilt before the calendar turned to December. Only the most observant neighbors will notice the odd strand of blinking lights on the balcony; only Allie knows how to regulate the highest string of tree lights so they do not strobe. I love that she turns them on every morning before I come down.

You first this Friday...

Is there something you dread about the holiday season?


  1. what i dread about the holidays, having two autistic kids (girl 9 on Christmas eve!, and boy 7) is the two weeks off from school. i can't entertain them fully, they have zero interests in crafts, and they zone in on computer and other stim activities with electronic toys making them really unmanagable when they get back to school. but what else can i do? i despise traveling at Christmas because then we have no chance to give my daughter her birthday time, we have to pay premium $ for hotel rooms, we leave gifts at home they really like. it's a total picture. i feel like we have holiday time without holiday celebration.

  2. visiting others during the holidays is the hardest for us. rhema tries to climb the christmas trees.

  3. I have a son with Asperger's and a daughter with Bipolar. I also have two other children. My biggest fear is having all four kids home for almost three weeks. All the unstructured time, all of us stuck indoors...all recipes for some pretty serious meltdowns.

  4. Electrocution and a plunge. Re-wiring Christmas lights 30 feet in the air, getting zapped... and falling to earth like Icarus.