Friday, December 6, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Reflect

Taking Lisa Jo Baker's prompt here: that not all I do? "A Mother's Reflective Voice in the Hullabaloo" is the subtitle on my auto signature promoting this blog--my attempt to summarize all I post in one pithy phrase.

Reflect: to look back at what has happened in an attempt to find meaning or make meaning out of it.

Reflect: to shine from a light that is not your own.

Sara Groves has a song about this and I'm certain she had more than 5 minutes to write it. "You are the Sun"...I am the moon.  I have no light of my own...but find purpose in reflecting yours in the dark places of the world.

Gotta get in His presence if we want to shine, not flicker out....(Boy, I write slowly....STOP)


  1. Great song! I really enjoy Sara Groves's music. Dropping in from Five Minute Friday today. Blessings!

  2. haha, some weeks I really have a hard time getting anything out in 5 minutes, too! Thanks for your reflections! I'll have to troll around your sight for a while. I used to work with kids with Autism as a school social worker, and I love the way they see the world!

    BTW, here's my FMF for this week:

  3. love seeing everyone's perspective on the FMF word each week. You are so right, we cannot reflect Jesus' light if we aren't in his presence